David M. Smith
Managing Director & Founder
David M. Smith is the founding Managing Partner of Smith Global Ventures. Highly respected in the business and financial communities, David has been a leading investor and boardmember of several public and private corporations. David was the principal, Chairman, and CEO of a New York-based consumer products company as well as Hempstead Capital Corporation, a privately held venture capital and brand holding firm, until they were both acquired. From 1995-2005 David was the Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of CoolBrands International, a publicly-held global consumer products and franchising company.

From 1999-2010, David was the founder and Vice Chairman of Response Genetics Inc. (NASDAQ:RGDX), a publically-held California biotechnology company.

A true entrepreneur at heart, David has a knack for recognizing innovative ideas and promising investment opportunities. During the last several years, David has founded, managed, and acted as lead investor for many successful real estate, information technology, biotechnology, wholesale, retail, and consumer product start-up ventures. 
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