About Us
Smith Global Ventures (SGV) provides capital to early stage companies with great ideas! We are an active partner and take a hands on approach to our investments by guiding management teams to achieve success with superior returns on investment.

In addition to capital, we supply significant value in other areas, from recruiting to the development of business strategies and models, to building strategic alliances, and opening market opportunities.

Our investment teams leverage broad and diverse experience as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives, and business development managers, to help build great success stories.

Through a relationship built on openness, understanding, and close teamwork, our objective is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Over time, we build strong bonds with our portfolio companies and develop a collaborative culture in which we work closely with senior management to gauge a new venture's progress and determine how best to sustain long term profitable growth.

We want to be a strong partner, offering not only venture capital, but a full suite of management consultation services, with the goal of achieving the full potential of innovative ideas, concepts, and new business opportunities.
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